Alarm Response/CCTV

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We provide a wide range of services to ensure that our products are fully integrated into your business structure.

We tailor each project to make sure you and your home or business get the most out of our CCTV facilities. Our CCTV installations are increasingly used across the country, to help with crowd control, deter crime and provide evidence that can bring law-breakers to justice or just to give you the client peace of mind.

The system we use is digital and analog technology to allow both you and us to view, record and control a CCTV system via a DVR or PC, using your existing IP computer network.

As our CCTV Monitoring and manned Guard Control Rooms are supervised 24 hours a day, you are guaranteed a response from our highly trained staff and patrol units, often accompanied by specialised guard dogs. Engineers are readily available to attend any emergency calls in and out of normal working hours.

We have patrol units out on the ground 24hrs a day 365 days a year we can always respond to a call out immediately ensuring we provide the service that you the Client expects and deserves.